Wednesday, 18 February 2009

On The Inheritance

Tuesday night Wednesday morning and I have just finished the first challenge from The Liverpool Nanowrimo group that meets once a month. The challenge was to write a short story or extract to about 1,000 words, in the style of Mills and Boon.

It may not seem like a challenge but I have found it extremely demanding to the point of pulling my hair out, throwing tantrums and generally making life hell for those near to me who have tried to venture advice or comment. The fact is that I just do not get it. I can not make my brain work comfortably at the task in hand and have thought at times that it is a bit like pogo-ing using hands or trying to write upside down whilst blindfolded and handcuffed, behind the back.

My extract is here to read and having posted it I felt a little better about reading others entries which are;

Well I did feel better but now ... well I cant comment until Thursday, after our monthly meet. So till then..

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